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Advanced Practitioner
Certificate (APC)

The Advanced Practitioner Certificate (APC) provides recognition among consultation and engagement professionals. The emphasis of the advanced recognition is on the individual’s own experiences and insights gained from their professional careers, as well as acknowledging a thorough training history in the field of consultation and engagement.

To qualify you must have attended Institute courses worth 165 credits (inclusive of those counted in your original CPD).

Of the 165 credits:
• 125 must be from attendance of training courses, formal workshops or events
• 40 must be earned through Institute e-learning courses

You must also:
• Complete our e-learning course, The Consultation Charter (This course is free to members and rewards 20 credits, which can be used towards the 40 required)
• Complete the APC online assessment

The fee for the APC enrolment and assessment access is £49.50 + VAT or £65 + VAT if the Politics of Consultation book is required. This book is featured in the assessment questions

APC status will expire one year after the last credits have been awarded. This is re-set every time new points are awarded.

To discuss this in more detail, please email Karen Fourie or call 01767 318350.

*APC qualification requirements differ in Scotland and Northern Ireland.
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