Appreciative Inquiry in Consultation and Co-Production (in-house)

CPD/APC Credits:  20

Who is it for?

Ideal for those who deal or engage with citizens, volunteers and stakeholders in a process to improve an aspect of activity or manage a change process.

Course Aim

Drawing upon Sherry Fuller’s practical experience in applying this highly effective technique, this course will help people approach service change in a more imaginative way.

Working on such diverse issues as

  • Mental health
  • Road safety
  • Disabilities
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Other examples will feature in the course

Key Learning Points

  • Learn how to leverage the maximum benefit from stakeholder consultation as a driver of sustainable improvements
  • Improve working relations/conflict resolution
  • Participants will leave the course with a better understanding of how to create processes they wish to use to effect and achieve their goals.
  • The relationship with co-production