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Emma Wilson

Institute Associate Profile

Emma has over 25 years’ experience of working on community relations and corporate responsibility in the energy sector, including social impact assessment, social audit, public and stakeholder engagement and the analysis of international standards. She speaks fluent Russian and has worked in Russia, Central Asia, Norway, Greenland and several African countries.

Emma’s PhD research focused on local participation in decision-making relating to oil and gas development in Russia. Following that, she worked as a consultant for Shell in Russia, helping to implement their social impact assessment and indigenous peoples’ development plan. She has also worked on oil and gas projects in Qatar, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

From 2007-2015, Emma was a senior researcher at the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), leading the Energy Team. She developed a body of work promoting community energy access in Africa, while continuing to work on public consultation and engagement, transparency and accountability in the energy sector and mining in Russia, the Arctic and Central Asia.

Since leaving IIED, Emma continues working on energy and public engagement projects in Central Asia and the Arctic, although she is increasingly focusing her work in the UK. Emma is currently working with tCI on its strategy, knowledge materials, and advice and guidance programme relating to public engagement on climate change and the environment.

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