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Michael Moore

Institute Associate Profile

Michael’s overseas development roles in Russia, Central Asia, the Balkans, Caucasus, Southern Europe, East and West Africa, and the Middle East and North Africa have exposed him to the dilemma of institutions, communities and politicians seeking to agree priorities and action to reform large systems where no single element has the whole picture. The learning, action and experience of these groups and their leaders are critical in unlocking structural impediments, where early and widespread consultation with citizens, communities and their leaders provide a common understanding, making the problem visible and a focus for widespread commitment and joint action.

Michael facilitates constituent voice that deepens engagement with stakeholders, target groups, partners and especially CSOs and local government interests, convening large scale meetings to secure common priorities for joint action, using feedback loops to assess satisfaction with what is happening. Expertise in managing donor grant projects and helping organisations developing Results Based Management systems, Michael supports organisational learning through project practice.

Research interest on environment, climate and air quality, advocate of preventing what’s left of our great natural spaces from being concreted over, and saving our precious countryside by being lit up with artificial lights preventing us from seeing the sky at night; an ongoing interest aid effectiveness and participatory systemic inquiry, linked to programme planning and evaluation, an active practitioner swimming, jogging, hiking while worrying about the great issues of the day (water, climate, faith and jobs) and the potential of resurgent nationalism and the drivers of ethnic and sectarian violence to resurface in our societies.

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