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Paul Parsons

Institute Associate Profile

Paul is a vocal champion of good communication with 20 years’ experience of involving people in policy and service change by creating relationships and supporting dialogue between underrepresented people and the people who make decisions that affect them.

A history of working with people who live with disabilities, people who have English as a second language, and people who are deaf, blind, or deaf and blind have given him a broad perspective on the benefits of engaging people and communities who some services described as ‘hard to reach’.

He has supported dozens of organisations through high-profile, public service change projects, with a special interest in health and social care transformation. He specialises in identifying, planning for and managing the risks of conducting public consultations on contentious proposals.

Paul is a strong advocate of a more inclusive society and an active supporter of social justice and equality issues. He is a keen volunteer and when he’s not reading, writing, or watching rugby, Paul spends several hours every week out and about on his pushbike chasing after coffee and homemade cake.

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