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Best Practice Online Consultation (in-house)

CPD/APC Credits: 25

Never have so many people accessed public debates online, and from multiple devices; like smartphones, tablets and (decreasingly) from their home PC.  For example, did you know, according to a Deloitte survey 81% - 37 million people - own or have access to a smartphone in the UK?  Through their social media and other online platforms people are turning to digital engagement as their channel of choice when it comes to public consultation.  Indeed, the credibility and quality of many consultations are now determined online.  We hear that many practitioners are being asked to think, mobile first, when it comes to preparing consultation materials.  Best Practice Online Consultation aims to equip consultation professionals with both theory and practice of today’s digital engagement, in order to make sure they are fully equipped to engage in the fast-moving world of contemporary online dialogues.

Who is it for?

Designed for people who know what social media is but wish to raise their game to integrate social media engagement with best practice digital consultation.

It is an excellent sequel for those who have attended the Using Social Media for Public Engagement & Consultation course and/or Social Media for Consultation.

Course Aim

This course aims to be unique in the world of public consultation by addressing the following:

  • Recent developments in social media and digital engagement and their implications for effective public consultation NEW!
  • Digital stakeholder mapping UPDATED
  • Micro-targeting (i.e. using Facebook advertising) NEW!
  • The dos and don’ts of digital consultation content NEW!
  • Standards and behaviour UPDATED
  • Online Dialogue Methods NEW!
  • Analysis, Reporting and Analytics UPDATED

 Key Learning Points

  • Keep up to date with developments in social media and how it helps or hinders the delivery of your consultation content (e.g. how well do you know your algorithms?).
  • The key messages in tCI’s Code of Practice for Using Social for Consultation
  • What procedures need to be integrated into current consultation practices to incorporate social media and digital content
  • The power of microtargeting for more inclusive public consultation
  • Digital stakeholder mapping and influencer engagement
  • How the Code of Practice can help you manage social media properly during a consultation
  • How to think beyond a survey and set up a website for different online dialogue methods
  • The standards to produce digital content fit for public consultation
  • What you should be including in terms of analytics, analysis and reporting
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