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Better Surveys and Questionnaires (in-house)

CPD/APC Credits: 25

A hands-on practical course on using survey techniques in the context of public and stakeholder consultations, and public engagement generally. It covers basic questionnaire design techniques, but goes further to consider when and how to use
these methods. Included are five short workshop sessions which help bring the topics to life.

Who is it for?
For those interested or involved in public engagement and consultation or public policy and want to learn the techniques and broaden their knowledge.

Course Aim
• To raise participants’ awareness of the difficulties and issues involved in designing a good questionnaire
• To provide participants with the knowledge to be able to create their own high quality surveys and questionnaires
• Consider when and how to use these methods

Key Learning Points
• Establishing appropriate aims and objectives
• Assess when and why it is appropriate to use focus groups as a method of public engagement
• Moderating focus groups
• Practical applications

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