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Co-Production in Public Engagement & Consultation - Principles & Practices

CPD/APC Credits:  25

This one-day course aims to provide a definition of co-production within the context of consultation and engagement and explore its broad principles. We will also look at practical applications of a range of methods. The course will be conducted in an interactive and supportive learning environment.

Who is it for?
This is designed around the interests of everyone involved in engagement and consultation, from professionals to stakeholders and members of the communities they serve.

Course Aim
• Have a clear grounding in the principles and practices of co-production
• Be introduced to a range of methods that support practical co-production
• Develop an understanding of the likely points in the consultation timeline in which the various methods are most appropriate
• Develop an understanding of the relationship dynamic inherent in adopting co-production
• Be given practical examples of co-production in action

Key Learning Points
• Worked case study examples of the practical application of co-production
• Understanding of the definitions and application of co-production in consultation and engagement
• Establishing insight into the roles and responsibilities required for equitable relationships to support meaningful co-production
• When and where to apply co-production in engagement and consultation

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