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Conducting a Public Consultation

CPD/APC Credits: 30

This one-day course tackles consultation issues through a worked example to illustrate potential pitfalls; it provides delegates with solid techniques to select the best dialogue mix and to deliver them to best practice standards.

Who is it for?

Ideal for consultation professionals who have a good general understanding of public engagement and consultation or public policy and want to learn more about best practice consultation.

Course Aim

• To equip participants to develop and organise the full range of consultation dialogues, building upon tCI’s experience of best practice

• To demonstrate effective ways to engage with citizens and stakeholder organisations during a contentious public consultation, using a fully-worked example of proposals affecting thousands of people and lo people and local communities

• To help participants deliver a robust dialogue plan able to withstand external scrutiny

• To provide participants with the know-how to offer decision-makers meaningful data to assist with making difficult choices
Key Learning Points

• How to conduct a consultation dialogue that meets best practice standards • How to write a consultation narrative conforming to six essential ingredients

• The choice of dialogue methods and the best ways to optimise the dialogue mix

• How to solve operational problems and challenges during the course of a public consultation

• How to handle post-consultation issues including best practice analysis and feedback

Companion Course

This is the seamless follow-up to the companion Course, Preparing a Public Consultation. It uses the same worked example to demonstrate the pre-consultation activities that led to the proposals being consulted upon in Conducting a Public Consultation.

There can be advantages in attending both in rapid succession and the Institute can offer a two-day, back-to-back package for in-house delivery.

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