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Connect 2021 Opening | Midas Launch

Main Stream

What does good look like? Findings from our consultation data deep dive
Sheena Ahmed, Public Policy and Research, tCI

Consultation in Wales
Bruce Whitear, tCI Associate

Consultation in Northern Ireland
QuintIn Oliver, tCI Chair

Consultation in Scotland
David Jones, tCI Fellow

Poor consultation under cover of COVID: How the Courts have reacted to cutting corners
Rhion Jones, tCI Director

Andy Wright, tCI Associate

Consultor versus Consultee- dealing with disputes
QuintIn Oliver, tCI Chair & Brian Parry, tCI Associate

Transport and Infrastructure Stream

Transport and Infrastructure Planning
Stuart Thomson, Head of Public Affairs, BDB Pitmans

Stakeholder Engagement: It’s not what you do, but why you do it
Damian Greenfield, Stakeholder Manager, Highways England

The challenge of political engagement in complex projects
Lucy Dixon-Thompson, Stakeholder and Engagement Manager, Transport for the South East

Streetspace for London - a 12-month review
Fraser MacDonald, Strategic Consultation Leads, TfL

Health Stream

Integrated Care Systems and the NHS Reform Paper
Paul Parsons, tCI Associate

Temporary Changes in Healthcare
Brian Parry, tCI Associate and Sue Cavill, tCI Associate

Health Inequalities
Ade Fashade, tCI Associate

Mental Health Reconfigurations
Steve Inett, tCI Associate and Jane Lodge, Associate Director of Public Involvement, NHS Sussex CCGs

Embedding continuous engagement
Nicola O’Sullivan, Assistant Director of Engagement, Hywel Dda UHB

Local Authorities and Planning Stream

Dealing with Newly-Elected Councillors
Quintin Oliver, tCI Chair

How to improve your (internal) consultation processes
Sean Marks, Researcher, Essex County Council

Devolution consultation
Clare Davies, Consultation and Engagement Manager, Liadan Buggy, Policy Officer, West Yorkshire Combined Authority

Planning for the Future
Dave Chetwyn, tCI Associate

Towns Fund - A test for post-Covid community engagement
Sheena Ahmed, Public Policy and Research, tCI

Consultation Mechanisms and Techniques Stream

Digital futures- consultation revolution or incremental innovation?
Fraser Henderson, Major Project and Programme Manager, tCI

How to build a best practice online public consultation
Jonathan Bradley, tCI Fellow

Asset Based Community Development
Susan Ritchie, tCI Associate

5 stage approach to public consultation
Nicholas Duffin, tCI Fellow

Community Engagement
Caroline Latta, tCI Associate

Tackling fake participation
Fraser Henderson, Major Project and Programme Manager, tCI

Mind the gap- Engaging young people
Susan Ritchie, tCI Associate

Fire and Policing/Green Stream

Explaining the change- how can we consult effectively on complex issues like green?
Howard Kendall , tCI Director and Davy Jones, tCI Fellow

The pros and cons of Citizens’ Assemblies
Rhion Jones, tCI Director

Community Engagement: Fire and Rescue
Adam Harper, Crew Commander, Handsworth Green Watch, Birmingham

Behavioural insights and nudge theory
Andy Wright, tCI Associate

Integrated Risk Management Plan Consultation Case Study
Angela Smith, Programme Office and Inspection Manager, Royal Berkshire F&R

Post-Election Briefings for PCC
Anna Colllins, tCI Associate

Policing and the Community
Andrew Fisher, MutualGain

Chairman's Concluding Remarks

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