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Remmert Keijzer

Former Policy & Communications Manager Profile

Remmert worked as the Institute’s Policy & Communications Manager and has a BA in Law and an MA in European Policy from the University of Amsterdam.  He is well versed in open policy-making and distilling evidence based recommendations into policy actions.  Remmert is an expert on the United Nation’s Aarhus Convention for which he has developed a unique risk-assessment tool and is currently involved in a European Union funded project to explore how e-participation can foster young people’s empowerment and active participation in democratic life.

Remmert is familiar with the European policy landscape and has been involved in many of the Institute’s international affairs. He also has extensive knowledge of public participation and consultation requirements within the UK planning and infrastructure sectors.

Previously, Remmert worked for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rome where he conducted research regarding the (legal) role of the European Commission within the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation and monitoring regulation and guidelines stemming from the other UN Food Agencies in Rome.

In his spare time, Remmert enjoys exploring new countries, learning languages, and watching football.

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