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Equalities Essentials

CPD/APC Credits: TBC

The course is delivered by one of Nicholas Duffin (tCI director) or Mina Jesa (tCI Associate). This course begins by looking at the practical application of both Statute and Common law on Equality in the context of public engagement and consultation, tracing the history and influences that have shaped how we practically apply the ‘duty’ to programmes of change management, engagement and consultation. It examines specific cases that have been subject to judicial review, and how these have shaped application of the duty. It then moves to what the duty asks us to do, how to apply it and how to undertake equality analysis and reports (Equality Impact Assessment) in order to both meet the duty and reduce risk of legal challenge.

Who is it for?

Anyone with a responsibility to undertake Equality Analysis or to make decisions where ‘due regard’ is needed.

Course Aim

• To ensure participants have a good understanding of how Equality law is applied to change management, engagement and consultation scenarios.
• To clarify what processes are needed for Equality Analysis.
• To teach participants the mindset, that of an investigator, that is needed to do this work effectively
• To ensure participants appreciate how to evaluate what is needed on a case by case basis.

Key Learning Points

• Understanding of relevant aspects of the Equality Act 2010
• Meeting the legitimate expectations for Equality Analysis and Impact assessments
• Application of the S.149 ‘due regard’ requirement
• How to develop a plan to undertake Equality Analysis for a programme/project
• How to deliver your plan, ensure you have undertaken the right research and involved the right people.
• How to present the information in order that decision makers can prove ‘due regard’.


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