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Equality Analysis for Consultors (in-house)

CPD/APC Credits: 25

The way in which Equality Analysis is undertaken by those conducting consultation and/or engagement differs enormously. Some do the work inhouse, some contract out. Some focus on wide impacts, some on the PSED only. Some do desktop research only, some engage extensively. There is little consistency and a lack of clarity of how you do equality analysis correctly and put this into a document as evidence. Based upon what the Institute has observed from legal challenges, this workshop is an opportunity to help you learn the most efficient and safe ways to undertake Equality Analysis and present the information at the different stages where required.

Who is it for?
Anyone with a responsibility to undertake Equality Analysis or to make decisions where ‘due regard’ is needed.

Course Aim
• To clarify what processes are needed for Equality Analysis
• To teach participants the mindset that is needed to do this work effectively
• To develop participants as EA investigators
• To ensure participants appreciate how to evaluate what is needed on a case by case basis

Key Learning Points
• How to develop a plan to undertake Equality Analysis for a programme/project
• How to deliver your plan and ensure you have the right research and information
• How to present the information in order that decision makers can prove ‘due regard’

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