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Equality and Health Inequality for Health and Social Care

Public training is currently suspended due to Covid-19

CPD/APC Credits: 30

Equality and health inequality considerations are a cornerstone of every health and social care service change programme. Participants will consider the impacts of these requirements have on project planning and how innovative approaches to engagement and consultation can save time and money, meet legal requirements and lead to better outcomes.

Who is it for?
This course is a must for Local Government Officers, NHS Commissioners, Health Service Managers, voluntary sector organisations delivering public sector contracts and anyone involved in planning or providing support to public sector health and care providers.

Course Aim
• To give participants a solid understanding of the rigorous demands of equality and health inequality requirements
• To share practical approaches to discharging the duties efficiently and developing better informed services
• To explore the service benefits of committing to equality analysis processes
• To develop participants’ ability to act as champions for best practice in this important area

Key Learning Points
• A clear understanding of the context, benefits and applications of equality and health inequality analysis
• The Public Sector Equality Duty and Duties as to Reducing Health Inequalities
• How to identify the data needed for equality and health inequality analysis and how to collect it.
• The practical implications of court judgements

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