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Equality Law for Public Engagement and Consultation (in-house)

CPD/APC Credits: 30

Who is it for?

The course will be delivered by Paul Parsons, tCI Senior Associate and Rosa Curling of Leigh Day, Solicitors. This is a new companion course to the Law of consultation and is focused on the practical application of both Statute and Common law on Equality in the context of public engagement and consultation. It is therefore relevant to all who work on Equality issues and need to ensure compliance with the law. This includes Central Government, and Local Government officers, (including elected members),  NHS Managers, Police and Crime staff and many other public sector roles where it is increasingly essential to be conscious of equality issues when engaging with the public Other organisations also need to take account of Equality principles, particularly private Companies working in the public domain.

Course Aim

The course examines the Equality Act 2010 in detail, and relevant Guidance on its application. It examines the results of case law as High Court decisions have shaped the interpretation of the law in a large number of legal challenges affecting public engagement and consultation. Participants will have opportunities to consider typical scenarios as public bodies take steps to assess the likely impact of change upon Equality groups. For those anticipating formal consultation, the course will examine what is needed to reduce vulnerability to legal challenge, and consider common pitfalls that have led to problems in previous cases

Key Learning Points

  • A detailed understanding of key aspects of the Equality Act
  • Meeting the legitimate expectations for Equality Impact assessments
  • The application of the S.149 ‘due regard’ requirement
  • Consultation scenarios involving Equality issues
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