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MIDAS is a public consultation data warehouse, designed and delivered by The Consultation Institute.

It is the industry-leading platform that provides the definitive point of reference for public consultations in the UK, as well as powerful tools for benchmarking, insights, analysis and research.

The Database contains detailed data on hundreds of past and present consultations, based on the world’s first comprehensive data architecture for consultations, their outputs and outcomes.

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Midas Resolve is an online platform for dispute resolution in consultations. It aims to tackle disputes in a quick and amicable way and is an alternative to expensive and time-consuming legal remedies.

There are a range of interventions on offer, from a free and automated “vulnerability check” to neutral evaluations, full mediation and arbitration.

The process is informed by our immense database of previous consultations, Midas, to indicate whether there is anything much wrong.

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