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tCI's Mission on Climate Change

As specialists in public engagement and consultation, the Institute has much to contribute to the global effort to address climate change.

Policy changes - especially involving modifications to individual and societal behaviour will not be effective unless the public feels involved...and persuaded.

There are significant differences between engagement and consultation. Engagement is a flexible process of interaction with stakeholders and the general public, and allows a degree of advocacy, in contrast, consultation is a precise, legally enforceable process best suited to difficult decisions, with clearly identified options, impact assessments and (most likely) winners and losers.

The Consultation Institute has the expertise, experience and advice to help organisations devise and implement their engagement programmes to select the most appropriate methodologies and adhere to best-practice standards.

Achieving net-zero targets is an immense challenge, and securing the right amount and nature of public involvement is a task which now needs the highest priority.


If you would like to see what help we can offer you, get in touch via email or using our contact form.

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