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Is that OK then? – Consultations without choices

October 7, 2008 By

In a world where consultation fatigue is a real issue – and organisations have to work hard to get citizens and stakeholders interested – it may be surprising to note…

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Consulting the Unresponsive – There is much to consider when assessing the views of the silent majority

October 1, 2008 By

For those whose lot it is to consult the public at large – rather than identifiable stakeholder organisations, there has always been a nagging issue. How do we know that…

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The Online only pitfall – It is rarely a good idea to rely exclusively on new technology

September 3, 2008 By

The ability to elicit people’s views through new technology has many advantages. It is a form of mass publishing that lets the audience decide whether or not they want to…

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The theatre of debate …. – Re-vitalising democratic debate may be easier than re-habilitating politicians! It’s a matter of responding to the public

August 13, 2008 By

Our mature democracy has taken against political practitioners. They compete with estate agents and tabloid journalists for the wooden spoon of professional popularity, and our media delights in pouring scorn…

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Simultaneous translation – Are we addressing consultees properly?

August 13, 2008 By

Officials who need to prepare and write consultation papers will confirm that one of the biggest challenges is to address a variety of different audiences. Of course it depends upon…

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Empowerment 2008 – A TCI Briefing on: Communities in control Real power, real people

July 16, 2008 By

By Rhion H Jones Introduction This long-awaited White Paper1 – Communities in control was published on July 9th 2008, and coincides with a number of other Government publications relevant to public…

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Reputation management – The wider role of meaningful stakeholder consultation

July 8, 2008 By

What various stakeholders think of you matters increasingly in this image-conscious world. Indeed, you can now take degree courses in reputation management, and the term itself is becoming popular as…

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The Budget 2008: Summary of Consultations Announcements

July 6, 2008

Introduction   Budget Statements are increasingly used to bring together policy announcements that involve public or stakeholder consultation. To assist Institute members and others ensure that they are aware of…

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Inconvenient answers – The perils of asking too general a question

June 25, 2008 By

The Government in Dublin will not be winning popularity polls among the leaders of the European Union right now. The result of its referendum on the Lisbon Treaty is, let’s…

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