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Appropriate responses – High-quality dialogue is an essential pre-requisite for ensuring that public bodies respond appropriately to unexpected scenarios

February 11, 2009 By

A nurse offers to pray for a sick patient; two comedians overstep the mark on a radio show; another TV personality utters an unacceptable term in the “green” room. When,…

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Hurry, Hurry for the Xmas Sales – Unrepeatable offer: enjoy next week’s Tuesday Topic a full FOUR DAYS EARLY!

December 19, 2008 By

With PricewaterhouseCoopers reporting 80% of high-street stores offering unseasonably early Sales, we have turned our eagle-eye on the effects of the credit crunch on public consultations. And, in keeping with…

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Empowering what exactly? – There are two parallel strands of thinking to be seen in the Government’s new Local Democracy Bill

December 9, 2008 By

We’re in danger of getting into something of a tangle about the different kinds of democracy we want. The old tried-and-tested representative version is thought by many to be creaking;…

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Mixed messages – How can the Planning Bill be squared with the Empowerment Agenda?

November 25, 2008 By

Any day now a new Planning Bill will receive the Royal Assent. Commons rebellions have been quelled; Lords opposition has evaporated and economic and financial woes have wiped it off…

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The Consultation Crunch – Where economic uncertainty affects the credibility of consultations

November 25, 2008 By

The great advantage of one-off consultations is that the period during which something unexpected can intervene is limited! In reality, however, many of the dialogues that take place do so…

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Strictly John Sargeant – Classic lessons for public consultations – from an unlikely source

November 25, 2008 By

So much has been written about this seemingly-trivial digression from serious news that it seems an indulgence to delve further into it for a Tuesday Topic. However, it presents such…

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Goodbye, High, wide and handsome …… – The world of public and stakeholder consultation will have to adapt to considerably changed circumstances. Now is the time to think it through!

October 14, 2008 By

Public engagement is not recession-proof. There are those who argue that global economic meltdown, failing banks, and stock market freefalls create a situation that cries out for greater citizen involvement.…

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Is that OK then? – Consultations without choices

October 7, 2008 By

In a world where consultation fatigue is a real issue – and organisations have to work hard to get citizens and stakeholders interested – it may be surprising to note…

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Consulting the Unresponsive – There is much to consider when assessing the views of the silent majority

October 1, 2008 By

For those whose lot it is to consult the public at large – rather than identifiable stakeholder organisations, there has always been a nagging issue. How do we know that…

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