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Practical Equalities

CPD/APC Credits: 30

Understanding Equalities Requirements when Managing Significant Change and Avoiding Legal Challenges. Against the backdrop of a new government, speculation about the future
of equalities and human rights and increasing challenges to consultations on equalities grounds. This course clarifies the duties public bodies must continue to observe, how legal precedent is making fulfilling the duty more exacting and how to ensure safe compliance.

Who is it for?
This course is for anyone involved in planning, running or managing public services, particularly those preparing to involve the public in decisions on changes to services.

Course Aim
• To develop participants’ skills and knowledge on practical approaches to equality analysis
• To explore the drivers for effective equality analysis
• To explain the mindset needed to conduct effective equality analysis
• To make sure participants understand the demands and appreciate how to evaluate what is needed on a case by case basis

Key Learning Points
• How to develop a plan to undertake Equality Analysis for a programme/project
• How to deliver your plan and ensure you have the right research and information
• How to present the information in order that decision-makers can demonstrate ‘due regard’

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