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Consultation Document Review

When you need something more comprehensive than verbal advice and guidance but don’t want to go to the extent of full quality assurance, consider having an Institute expert review what you are doing.

Our review services cover a range of scenarios, from reviewing a consultation document or project plan, to reviewing how a consultation or engagement programme was undertaken. TCI clients use our review services in the following ways, most commonly:

• To examine a proposal or plan for flaws that could lead to complications or challenges
• To provide feedback on the quality of a consultation document or impact assessment
• To add value to an engagement or consultation plan by us reviewing and accrediting as good or best practice

The opportunities are endless, we can review anything you are proposing to do or anything that you have done. We can also accredit, issuing a certificate of good or best practice, where we deem what you are proposing or have done to meet those standards. And we can advise what to do in order to achieve those standards.

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