Partners in Excellence Scheme

The Institute has recently amalgamated its Partner Programme with its Excellence Scheme. The aim of the unified Scheme is to recognise and celebrate those who can demonstrate high standards of performance.

To achieve the Consultation Institute’s Certificate of Excellence, you will need to demonstrate adherence to the Consultation Charter and provide evidence of excellence on a regular basis

Experienced Institute Associates work with you on five themes:


Governance and Approach

Well-documented policies, responsibilities and accountability. Involves attendance at the Institute’s Charter Workshop

Understanding your Baseline activity

Public consultations vary in size and significance, so a Baseline Study is required to determine what skills and processes are needed

Assessing skills

Achieving the right skills-mix and addressing capability gaps. Use a Skills Audit to ensure it matches to the Baseline requirement.

Adequate processes

The Institute’s process checklists are an invaluable test of soundness and help ensure adherence to best practice standards

Evidence of Excellence

The Excellence Workshop brings together the various strands and examines the evidence for best practice and meaningful outcomes

These Workshops can ensure renewal of the Certificate of Excellence for three years before a re-appraisal.

So How Do We Start?

Institute members attend a Gateway Review designed as a preliminary assessment of the client’s suitability for the Excellence Scheme. An Excellence Requirements Fulfilment Report estimates the natures and extent of work that might be necessary to meet all the standards for the Excellence Scheme. It also enables the Institute to provide an accurate financial quotation for the exercise.

If clients are invited to join the Scheme, agreement is reached on the budget and resources required. A projected timetable is also prepared with a target of achieving Excellence status within 6 months. If clients do not proceed, they pay for the Gateway Review and the resulting Report.

For further information, please contact Rhidian Jones or Jan Warner at the Institute

Frequently Asked Questions

The Partner Register


Copper Consultancy is a specialist stakeholder communications company for infrastructure and development projects.

Copper thrives in communication complex and challenging issues in considered but innovative and creative ways, connecting developers, communities and decision-makers. We have a commitment to quality and excellence and a culture of hard work, problem solving and value for money.

Copper provides communications and stakeholder engagement across the energy, resources, transport, water and built environment sectors. with offices in London, Bristol and Cumbria, Copper offers over 30 years of expertise in communications for multi-million pound project, working across both the public and private sectors.


Darzin helps governments and companies of all sizes understand, structure and implement great stakeholder engagement processes.

We really “get” Stakeholder Engagement. Most of our team have worked in the stakeholder engagement field at senior levels, leading projects and teams, training people, writing government guidelines and more.

Darzin Software was set up in 2004 by Allison Hendricks. Through her twenty odd years of experience working in the stakeholder engagement field, the need was realised for simple yet effective consultation management software. Efficient tools to manage the volumes of data generated through stakeholder engagement programs were sorely needed. Tools of the day (spreadsheets and basic databases) treated the data in very simplistic ways and did nothing to extract any real knowledge from the data.

Darzin’s vision is for informed decisions, leading to better outcomes for our communities through dramatic improvements in data management.


Objective Corporation is an established leader and specialist provider of proven content, collaboration and process management solutions for the public sector.Through direct customer engagement, Objective is committed to delivering outcomes that have a positive effect on the public sector, its citizens and the community.

Opinion Research Services

ORS is an applied social research practice specialising in work for the public sector, and also working for major private sector clients particularly utilities and housing associations. The organisation was founded within the University of Wales and we have a social rather than a market research orientation. With our academic origins and thoughtful research, we have gained a reputation for using innovative and rigorous methods to tackle important social issues.


Experts in community and stakeholder consultation to help make developers heard and influence local opinion during planning, development, construction and regeneration projects.

Pendragon specialises in managing communications for large infrastructure projects.  We provide advice and stakeholder consultation services, interfacing with politicians, stakeholders, local communities, pressure groups and the media.

We bring our experience of local and national planning procedures together with meticulous research, creating successful strategies for dealing with even the most sensitive and complex projects.

PPS Group

PPS Group is an independent communications consultancy working in the tougher areas of communication. We offer media relations, public affairs, stakeholder engagement and consultation services to our clients.We have two distinct areas of expertise. We build and protect reputations for businesses and other organisations and we engage with communities and politicians to gain planning consent on complex planning matters.

QSR International

We help people make sense of information.  We develop software for data analysis. We help people to work with and analyse unstructured information like documents, websites, social media, video, surveys, photos and voice recordings.


We’re Remarkable – an innovative, passionate and successful marketing agency, matching communications to our clients’ core business objectives. Fully integrated, we have the broad scope of qualified marketing disciplines that make up communications in today’s world and draw on them all to provide our clients with award-winning, innovative campaigns that deliver value, and results.  Challenge us, it is what we like.

The Campaign Company

The Campaign Company is a business set up in 2001 for a pro-social purpose. The business objective is to facilitate the engagement and involvement of people in the decisions that impact on communities. Through our work with communities we have developed a specialist approach using evidence and insight as the basis of better  and more informed outcomes.  We offer specialist services around community based behaviour change, strategic communications, and consultations.

TCI Engagement

We help clients solve complex consultation challenges, from cradle to grave. Our expertise can be applied to customer, consumer and other types of consultations as much as to community engagement on public policy issues. We work across the UK, Ireland and further afield and support a wide range of clients including businesses, as well as public and third sector organisations. Our skilled Directors have over 50 years combined experience having cut their consultation teeth across sectors including Environment, Planning, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Disability, Education, conflict resolution, Corporate Organisations and Government, among others.

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