Skills Audit

The Institute has established a unique methodology for undertaking a Skill Audit focused upon public engagement consultation skills. It uses gap-analysis to interpret self-assessment questionnaires, whereby individuals rate the relevance of specific skills to their job roles and also assess their proficiency against a highly specified set of semantic anchors. The resulting data provides our clients with excellent information about the strengths and weaknesses of team members, and instantly identifies priority training needs.

Key learning points
To implement the service, the Institute will appoint a specialist advisor who will:

  • Brief the client on details of the methodology, in order to ascertain preferences and priorities
  • Agree a range of objectives for the audit
  • Consider which staff and contractors should be covered, and whether to vary the scope of the skills reviewed against specific groups
  • Decide upon the skills to be reviewed, include client specific attributes
  • Prepare a project plan with timescales for data capture a communication plan, to explain the exercise to staff and contractors
  • Agree confidentiality provisions
  • Agree verification/validation procedures
  • Agree data analysis and presentation parameters

Skills Audits (many clients prefer the term Review) can be geared towards a short-term Consultation and Engagement programme, or towards longer-term capacity building. Typically, clients use 20-40 skills from the Institute's bank of 70+ precisely defined skills and capabilities.

Data capture is normally undertaken online, and arrangements can be made for confidential briefings to senior management, and a final report presentation can be added if required for an additional fee. The Institute has found that a comprehensive Skills Audit/Review can be of significant value in ensuring that engagement and consultation is consistently delivered to best practice standards.

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