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Creative Dialogue Methods

Written by Institute Associate, Susan Ritchie, this course on Creative Dialogue Methods is broken down into three separate lessons, exploring what we mean by ‘creative dialogue’, the key characteristics, benefits and challenges of using these techniques in consultations, and the methods you can use to encourage creative dialogue.

We also touch on the Gunning Principles, social styles and how, and when, creative dialogue might be useful in relation to them.

There are a multitude of techniques out there, and this course focuses of four of them in particular, looking at the essential characteristics of World Cafes, Appreciative Inquiry, Participatory Geographic Information Systems and Citizens Assemblies.

Modules: 3
Assessments: 1
CPD Credits: 20
Duration: 70 mins approx.
Author: Susan Ritchie
Released: 24th June 2020

The cost for this course is £39.95 excl. VAT. (£47.94 incl. VAT)
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