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In public engagement and consultation, every client’s needs are unique. Over the years the Institute has developed a wide range of support services. Mostly they exist to help clients undertake better engagement. But they are also there to help practitioners obtain recognition for best practice, thereby enhancing the credibility of consultations and the reputation of those who organise them.

Consultancy goes hand-in-hand with training, and is a natural way to supplement the skills and capacity of in-house staff. The Institute deploys its Associates to deliver most of its services, ensuring a compatible approach, and one that observes the principles of the Consultation Charter and is up-to-date with latest best-practice.

Clients can buy ‘packaged’ solutions or services such as Quality Assurance for consultations or a Risk Assessment, where they receive the benefit of the experience obtained by delivering the service to previous clients. Alternatively, clients can commission a ‘tailored’ service, designed to address a specific requirement. In both cases, public sector organisations can take advantage of the NHS procurement hub’s Lead Provider status enabling faster and simpler procurement of the Institute’s services.

The Institute publishes a Brochure to the range and definitions of its various Professional Services in a convenient format. To see more services, download our Professional Services brochure

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Some of our Clients and Members


High Speeds Two is building one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe. We provided specialist quality assurance on the data analysis/interpretation following a key public consultation attracting 60,000+ respondents. Delivered specialist consultation and engagement training courses in-house.

Transport for London

A major strategic relationship with the Institute. Holders of the Partners in Consultation Excellence Certificate. The Institute has trained approximately 60 TfL consultation staff and assisted with the Quality Assurance of transport related projects.

NHS South East CSU

Holders of a preferred CSU agreement with the Institute. Under this deal we support major service reconfigurations in South London, including projects affecting NHS services in Southwark, Dulwich Hospital, and mental health service provision. Previously the Institute supported engagement activities for the ‘South West London’ project for hospitals reconfiguration. Extensive Executive Briefing for Senior NHS Managers. This client also pioneered ‘Ambassador Training’, whereby Senior Clinicians were trained by us in best practice handling of public meetings.

Kent County Council

The biggest local authority in the United Kingdom. Long standing members of the Institute, having trained 20-25 public engagement staff. Executive briefings on legal and other aspects of public consultations have been delivered to Senior Officers and 40+ Elected Members.

Essex Fire and Rescue

Full Quality Assurance of consultations regarding future deployment of Fire & Rescue resources.

Lincolnshire County Council

The Institute has conducted 2 separate Quality Assurance assignments for controversial consultations involving the restructuring of libraries and changes to Adult Social Care fees. The Institute has delivered in-house training for both Officers and Elected Members.

NHS North East Commissioning Support Unit

The Institute concluded a preferred CSU agreement with NECS whereby service change projects are supported through Advice and Guidance and also formal Quality Assurance. In-house training has been provided and NECS was the first client to use the tCI Risk Assessment Workshop methodology.

Guys & St Thomas Hospital

An extensive in-house training programme was undertaken, with particular emphasis on Social Media and Engagement Methodologies.

Gloucestershire County Council

This Council was the first to adopt a call-off contract for consultation Advice & Guidance. Having successfully used the Institute’s Quality Assurance process for the re-run of their libraries reconfiguration public consultation.

London Borough of Hounslow

This Council faces a major challenge as it is affected by the continuing controversy surrounding the future of London Heathrow Airport. The consultation and engagement team have been trained through two programmes of in-house training from the Institute.

Public Health Wales

Over three years this organisation has commissioned the Institute to design and deliver high-profile Executive Seminars for NHS and Local Government staff in Wales. Specialist events have included Seminars on consultation with young people, service change in health and social care, consultation with the ‘older’ generation, and using social media for public health engagement.

North Ayrshire Council

This authority has trained more of its staff in public engagement and consultation than any other in the UK. In-house training has been provided by David Jones and the Scottish-Irish team, and the Council has been recognised with a special award for skills development at the Institute’s 2015 Conference.

NHS Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group

In 2013 we provided Quality Assurance for the ‘Meeting the Challenge’ transformation programme – including support at the joint overview and scrutiny committee. NHS proposals were very controversial as they affected local hospital services, but the exercise was subsequently recognised by the Association of Healthcare Communications and Marketing (AHCM) for the best engagement project for 2013.


In Northern-Ireland, the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment is responsible for extensive engagement and consultation on the education service. It has used the Institute since 2004 and continues to commission specialist in-house training and Advice & Guidance.

Horizon Nuclear Power

We helped the client to develop a robust set of documentation - sufficient to satisfy unusually tight regulatory requirements - and be meaningful to the public. It also advised on the best approach to forthcoming statutory consultations.

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue

This organisation consulted the public on a long-term plan, ‘Fit to Respond: An Opportunity to Shape the Future’, and required and received a full Quality Assurance for the exercise. Derbyshire Fire and Rescue have also run an in-house training course on the Law of Consultation to which it invited neighbouring Fire & Rescue services.

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