Key public engagement issues for large-scale infrastructure projects

By Mike Bartram

Briefing Paper 13

June 2008


Consultation – An afterthought – 2

Where do major infrastructure projects come from? – 2

Defining your project – 3

Forming a project team – 3

Planning the consultation – 4

The challenge of consulting on major projects – 6

Conclusion – 7

Mike Bartram details – 8

Consultation – an afterthought

All too often, consultation on major infrastructure projects is an afterthought. The failure of project directors to build communication and consultation into the bloodstream of projects from the very start can have consequences for the integrity of consultation processes and the likely success of projects. So what can consultation managers working on specific projects do? And what should we be doing as a profession to alert project directors and planners to the benefits of considering consultation and wider communications issues from the earliest possible stage?


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About the Author

Mike Bartram is a Consultation Institute Associate who has over 20 years experience of promoting public participation and consultation.

He was the Head of Consultation at Transport for London, where he led teams planning and delivering consultations on major transport infrastructure projects. Prior to joining Transport for London, he was responsible for the National Consumer Council’s work on transport, education and quality of public services.

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