Making the most of Purdah!

The country is preparing to go to the polls again. For Local Authorities and the NHS this means that many controversial decisions will be put on hold as the doctrine of Purdah means that public bodies shut down their policy-making efforts. Civil servants and commissioners avoid doing or saying anything that might favour outgoing Cabinet Members or campaigning oppositions. Non-urgent decisions that could possibly be overturned by a new leadership are to be deferred until after the Election. In a time where large swaths of the NHS are restructuring their services and where Local Authorities are struggling to keep their books balanced as Government grants are declining, Purdah will not be welcomed!

It is important to make the most of this ‘quiet’ period before the starting gun is fired and you have to go ahead with your postponed consultations. Failing to gather evidence to make the case for proposed service changes, and the reluctance to involve stakeholders in the options development phase can make your programme fall foul of legal consultation requirements. In this quiet period the Institute is offering FREE briefing sessions to be held at your organisation on how to avoid Judicial Reviews. For further details, call Rhidian Jones on 01767 318350.

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