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Jonathan Bradley

Guest Contributor Profile

Jonathan Bradley is a Fellow of The Consultation Institute and has been an Associate for over 10 years.  He has worked extensively across the UK, on behalf of tCI, helping clients to deliver best practice consultation.  He has been involved in providing our Quality Assurance and Advice and Guidance services to clients formulating proposals for substantial change in health and social care services and in local government. Jonathan has also worked extensively with organisations to help them to reach the Achievement Level of tCI’s Consultation Excellence Scheme.  He has also delivered many of tCI’s training courses over the last 10 years, clocking up some 3500 training hours on our behalf.   Over the last few years Jonathan has taken on the mantle of developing tCI’s expertise in social media and digital engagement, delivering courses and consultancy services for the Institute. Jonathan is also a member of our Policy Council and is developing his expertise in the practical implications of the Law of Consultation.

Jonathan also co-founded Participate, almost 10 years ago.  Participate is a multi-disciplined agency that designs and creates dialogue for change, which may be about something complex, contentious or positive – in every instance they help get the right people involved in the conversation and ensure it makes a difference. His work with Participate, helps Jonathan to supplement tCI advice and guidance with the practical experience of supporting the delivery of major consultations and stakeholder engagement projects.  Jonathan is also a UK Partner for EngagementHQ, an online community engagement platform.

Jonathan’s professional interests include participatory democracy, digital media and meaningful consultation,  effective online dialogues, consultation and risk management, consultation and the law, dialogue methods and discourse analysis.   When he’s not thinking about consultation, Jonathan spends his time taking pictures, writing (unpublished), singing for a choir, being by the sea, cooking, buying books and practicing meditation.   

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