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Getting to Grips with Gershon – The Gershon report on public sector efficiency holds many implications for those involved in public and stakeholder consultations

So we’re now all going to be more efficient ……There will be 80,000 fewer civil servants; £20 billion less will be spent – and more resources will be allocated to the front line so that the taxpayer gets better value public services.

Well that’s the theory!

Seriously, however, Sir Peter Gershon’s report on public sector efficiency makes a compelling argument, and has already persuaded long-term sceptics that overdue reform can happen this time around. He forensically analyses the duplication, overlapping responsibilities, proliferation of regulatory bodies and missed opportunities for procurement and shared use of resources. Scarcely is there an aspect of public administration that does not appear to him to be capable of being done better.

So what happens to public and stakeholder consultation?


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About the Author

Rhion Jones is considered a leading authority on Public Engagement and Consultation. A founding Director of the Consultation Institute, he is co-author of “The Art of Consultation” (2009) and “The Politics of Consultation” (2018). He has delivered over 500 training courses and Masterclasses and is a prolific writer on the subject, having written over 350 different Topic papers and over 50 full Briefing Papers for the Institute. Since 2003 over 15,000 person-days of training based on courses he invented have been delivered. Rhion is in demand as an entertaining Keynote Speaker and Special Adviser, particularly on the Law of Consultation, and its implications for Government and other Public Bodies. In 2017, he was awarded the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’.

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