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Consultation Institute Membership

Membership of the Consultation Institute (tCI) is open to all those involved or interested in, consultation and public engagement.

Membership with tCI enables you to join a community of like-minded people and offers recognition to those who have undertaken tCI training to improve their skills and knowledge.

Join tCI's unique member network at one of four levels. Each level is designed to accommodate the appropriate number of people directly involved in consultation and engagement activities within your organisation, and who need easy access to tCI's range of member benefits.



£295 per year


£795 per year


£1295 per year


£3495 per year

Membership Benefits
Enjoy most of the membership benefits as an individual
Giving membership benefit discounts for up to 5 named employees
Giving membership benefit discounts to up to 25 employees
Giving membership benefit discounts for unlimited employees
Discounted rates on tCI training courses
Free e-Learning foundation course
Tuesday Topics and Briefing Notes
Use of tCI Membership logo
Eligible to receive CPD and APC qualifications
Free webinars and access to previous recordings
‘Hot Topic’ videos
Free vacancy advertising on tCI website
Access to Midas Data Warehouse
20 minutes advice per case/scenario*
Discounted rates on in-house courses**
‘Case Law’ videos
10 free e-Learning units to use on any course
50 free e-Learning units to use on any course
Discount on Advice and Guidance
Executive Briefing

* limited to 5 calls for organisation level
** Up to £250 discount

Membership prices exclude VAT

Discount Training Call-offs

If you’re looking to make the public training programme easily accessible to the organisation or perhaps you’re planning on CPD/APC routes for a few colleagues, then you may like to consider applying for a Call-off Package for public training.

You don’t need to know what courses you want to attend straight away as the Call-off Packages award you priority seats which can be used at any course at any time.  This is a very effective way of securing your training budget whilst stretching it that little bit further and also cutting down the administrative time taken to process a booking.

Member's Rates

10-14 seats at £185.00 + VAT – Starting from £1,850.00 + VAT

15-19 seats at £175.00 + VAT – Starting from £2,625.00 + VAT

20 + seats at £165.00 + VAT – Starting from £3,300.00 + VAT

Non-Member's Rates

10-14 seats at £235.00 + VAT – Starting from £2,350.00 + VAT

15-19 seats at £225.00 + VAT – Starting from £3,375.00 + VAT

20 + seats at £215.00 + VAT – Starting from £4,300.00 + VAT

Certificate of Professional Development

The Institute’s Certificate of Professional Development (CPD) recognises an individual’s commitment to enhancing his/her skills and knowledge in consultation services and techniques. Since the scheme began, we've awarded over 1,600 certificates.

Advanced Practitioner Certificate

The Advanced Practitioner Certificate (APC) provides recognition amongst consultation and engagement professionals. The emphasis of the advanced recognition is on the individual’s own experiences and insights gained from their professional careers, as well as acknowledging a thorough training history in the field of consultation and engagement.

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