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Launching a Consultation – When a consultation justifies a high-profile launch

How do you kick off a large-scale consultation?

Do you write letters to key stakeholders? Send copies of the consultation document to those you know are interested? Send e-mails? Issue a Press Release? Alternatively, do you make a determined effort to secure maximum publicity, generate some razzmatazz, and launch the consultation with a fanfare of trumpets?

Obviously much depends upon the context. A technical consultation of deep interest to only a small number of predictable stakeholder organisations is quite different from a more general public participation exercise. Even then, you have to make a judgement as to whether the subject of the consultation is suitable for high-profile coverage. Some issues lend themselves to this approach. ā€œRemember to have your say in the Great Congestion Charge Debateā€ sounds a lot more credible than ā€œHelp us prepare an integrated strategy for sustainable developmentā€.


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