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Launching The Video Glossary

The Institute’s website actually contains a remarkable treasure trove of materials, many of which, sadly, are rarely accessed. Since the inception of tCI, a wonderful collection of articles and now video-based materials have been tucked away for the use of members, associates and in many cases anyone who comes across the website.

Do you remember Ben Goldacre speaking at one of our conferences and chastising us? He said that he’d tried to find out what consultation is – expecting our website to have that displayed prominently and gently rebuked us for the lack of material for consultees. In defence of our website, there has always been much to research but perhaps not quite as easy to access as is expected nowadays. The good news is that this is changing. The website will shortly have a more modern look and feel.

We are also launching a new Video Glossary of Consultation/Engagement terminology, presented in a virtual 3d environment to give a brief explanation plus a little bit of context for each term. This is very much a work in progress. We are starting small, but the project will grow – the initial selection of words and terms is fairly eclectic in order to demonstrate the range available. It would be excellent if suggestions for additions came from our members etc, so please do think of ideas.

Let’s open up the treasure trove and encourage both consultees and consultors towards a deeper understanding of the world of consultation…

Written by  Elizabeth Gammell, Director of Standards and Martyn Beeby, Media Production Manager

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