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The Consultation Institute’s Mission is to seek to promote the highest standards of public, stakeholder and employee consultation by initiating research, publications and specialist events in order to disseminate best practice and improve subsequent decision-making.

The Institute has a wide range of services available to the consultation and engagement community - individuals can enhance their career prospects by attending our training courses and events while organisations can use us to give authority to their consultation work and projects.


The Consultation Institute

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The Compliance Assessment

The Compliance Assessment Scheme is designed for high-profile consultations where an external assurance of its quality can make a difference to its response-profile and to its credibility.

Each Assessment is individually tailored to the specific circumstances of the exercise, but typically includes some or all of the following checkpoints, at which the Institute will satisfy itself that best practice is being observed.

tCI's new Professional Qualification:
The Advanced Practitioner Certificate.
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