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Strong, resilient leadership is vital for creating an environment where consultation and public engagement is meaningful, inclusive, and contributes to informed decision-making that benefits whole communities.

Using the Resilient Leaders Elements (RLE) framework and Resilient Leaders Development Programme (RLDP), we offer support in reaching your goals at every stage of your career – from one-to-one coaching to full leadership development programmes for you, your team and your organisation.

What is a resilient leader?
A resilient leader has confidence in who they are and what they do so that they create, build, and take opportunities, knowing they will find a way through uncertainty, change, and even crisis. They know what takes themselves, and others, from pressure to stress and how to rebalance.

Resilient leaders are crucial for successful consultation and public engagement for many reasons, including:

  • Building trust: Good leaders and communicators inspire trust. Trust is fundamental for meaningful engagement, as people are more likely to participate in consultations when they are given intelligent consideration and believe their input will be genuinely listened to.
  • Long-term Engagement: Effective leaders understand that public engagement is a continuous process, not just a one-time event. They work towards building sustained relationships with their communities, fostering ongoing dialogue, and ensuring that citizens and stakeholders remain engaged.
  • Adaptability: Public consultations often require flexibility and adaptability. Leaders who can navigate unexpected challenges and adjust strategies in response to feedback and changing circumstances are more likely to achieve successful outcomes.

Our programmes and course dates


Best for teams

This bespoke programme is designed for teams  – helping to align your people behind one goal. This programme is designed to meet your organisation’s needs – as well as the individual leadership development requirements for each team member.

You will build a high performing team based on trust, commitment, accountability and a shared vision.

Lead in Uncertainty

Best for self awareness

Develop your capability to lead yourself and others, with a particular focus on leading in uncertain times. Leadership development with facilitation and peer support – great for strengthening your network.

This programme will boost your confidence as a leader, giving you the tools to identify the strengths you can rely on in times of change and even crisis.

Regaining your Mojo

Best for rebalancing

Feeling like you need some support? Have you lost a bit of confidence in who you are and what you do? Join this programme that focuses entirely on helping you to rebalance.

This 5-week programme is designed to support people with a need to refocus, rebalance and re-energise.

Resilient Leadership in Action

Best for leading others

A 3 week programme designed to help you find ways in which you lead best. Differentiate yourself in a competitive environment adapting your leadership style to meet the needs of the different situations.

Become more confident in leading yourself and others by understanding the impact you have on people around you, and unifying them towards a common goal.


Best for personal focus

A 3 month programme combining the online Resilient Leaders Development Programme (RLDP) with one-to-one coaching. For those who want one-to-one support with your own personally matched coach.

This programme enhances clarity of direction and accelerates leadership growth in areas that are most important to you.


Best for peer support

The programme deepens your leadership development, working together with a group of leaders drawn from a variety of sectors. Develop your confidence as a more strategic leader, great for preparing for a more senior role. 

You will learn from each others experiences and insights, developing a strong network of peers.

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Venture Coaching Associates

All Venture Coaching associates are accredited and experienced in the facilitation of RLE™ programmes

  • Steve Dannan
    Steve Dannan

    Steve Dannan
    Steve Dannan

    Steve is a business generalist. He has fulfilled a diverse range of roles within his career including Commercial Director, Programme Director, Innovation Director and Head of People & Culture. His common purpose within all his roles is always to bring fresh and innovative thinking through a strong culture of collaboration, allowing others the freedom to step forward when they are best placed to lead._

    Steve is a Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation. He has been working with RLE for 8 years, first coming across it during its early days within a Leadership Development Programme that he was sponsoring. He now embeds RLE within a wide range of his own leadership development programmes, as well as his 1-1 coaching. Steve also delivers the formal RLE Accreditation Programme training other consultants on how to apply RLE into their own practises.

    In his spare time, Steve is husband to Nina, and father to Isabella (5) and Meghan (3) and can sometimes be found cycling and running through the Mendips or swimming in one of the many quarry lakes nearby in preparation for some kind of crazy endurance event or long distance triathlon.
  • Skye Deane
    Skye Deane

    Skye Deane
    Skye Deane

    Skye is a former Army Officer and Senior Physiotherapist whose purpose is service of others and making a positive difference to people's lives. Her time in the military was the catalyst for pursuing her interest and lifelong learning of all thing's resilience, leadership and well-being. It provided some of the most memorable, challenging and rewarding work, including Paralympic training camps and deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. Treating and supporting individuals, some with life changing injuries, to overcome both their physical and mental barriers. In each of her roles she was committed to the individuals on her team and the patient population they were responsible for, ensuring the delivery of clinical excellence.

    With over 18 years resilient leadership experience, she specialises in building resilience in leaders to improve both their own and others performance with the aim to connect, believe and inspire themselves and others. She supports leaders to really understand their values and strengths in order to build confidence, take opportunity, improve well-being and prevent overwhelm, so they can be the best version of themselves.

    Skye left her clinical role to set up her own business to work flexibly as a military wife and as a mum of 2 young children. She pursued her passion to develop people and accredited as an RLC. Using the Resilient Leaders Elements, Skye works with individuals and groups to develop their leadership and support their personal and professional growth and development. She also helps teams to work more collaboratively, communicate more effectively, resulting in higher productivity and motivation.

    She is no stranger to functioning in high pressured environments and is known for her ability to perform under pressure both professionally and personally, be that as a sportswoman or on the stage.

    Skye also facilitates the RLE Accreditation programme, training future RLCs.
  • Jacqui Frost
    Jacqui Frost

    Jacqui Frost
    Jacqui Frost

    Jacqui spent twenty eight years in primary education, sixteen as a headteacher in four different schools. She was also an OFSTED inspector as a serving headteacher.
    Since January 2017, she has been a leadership coach, working with leaders and teams across many different settings. She loves to work with clients who are looking to strengthening their resilience both in the workplace and life.

    She is an ACC ICF accredited coach and Resilient Leaders Consultant.

    Jacqui is passionate about coaching and strives to help her clients “unlock their treasure chest of resources” she guides them to find the key. Jacqui is currently a coach for a large multi- academy trust and has many individual clients.

    She has facilitated various programmes and workshops, at the heart of this work is the Resilient Leaders Framework.
  • Steven Garrod
    Steven Garrod

    Steven Garrod
    Steven Garrod

    Over the last 30 years, Steven has worked with a wide range of organisations, from global companies and European institutions to small businesses. While his early work was focused on building organisational resilience, he saw that this could either be vastly improved or completely undermined (or somewhere between the two) by the quality of the leadership in the organisation. Consequently, he recognised the importance of coaching for development and as well coaching for performance.

    As an accredited Resilient Leaders Consultant, Steven now works exclusively with those people wishing to develop their own resilience and to become better leaders. He uses RLE as it offers a great framework for assessing strengths and development opportunities amongst leaders, whether they are new to leadership or vastly experienced.

    “The language of RLE has real meaning for people; it offers rich insights and points the way toward best practise. Right from the initial assessment, it delivers a roadmap for development, and it allows me to help my clients address the challenges they have right now and build their leadership capability.”
  • Belinda Gannaway
    Belinda Gannaway

    Belinda Gannaway
    Belinda Gannaway

    Belinda specialises in working with leaders and teams looking to understand and lead culture transformation to create more successful organisations. Her work in organisational culture began with the advent of the social media revolution, when she worked with marketing teams across sectors to transform mindset, capability and behaviours to allow them to respond to the changing expectations of employees and customers.

    Today Belinda works with business leaders, and leaders in people-functions, to create understanding and alignment around the people experience. Her work often involves discovering purpose and values, and creating capacity for values-based leadership. She also runs international training programmes on employee experience for people leaders around the world.

    Belinda brings Positive Intelligence, design thinking and human centred design into her practice, often supporting people teams who are seeking to introduce design into their approach. Belinda is co-author of Employee Experience by Design – How to Create an Effective EX for Competitive Advantage (Kogan Page). The second edition is being published in 2024. She was recognised by HR Magazine as one of HR's Most Influential Thinkers in 2022.

    As well as coaching, facilitation, and training, Belinda works as a strategist on global culture renovation programmes. Her work has won multiple culture and communications awards.

    Belinda began her coach training with Organisation, Relationship and Systems Coaching (ORSC) in 2016. She became a Resilient Leaders Consultant in 2023 and is currently progressing her Positive Intelligence coach training.

    In addition, Belinda has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Marketing (Chartered Marketer), Chartered Institute of Marketing and a BA Hons 2.1 Politics and International Relations. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation.
  • Katie Giles
    Katie Giles

    Katie Giles
    Katie Giles

    Katie is a values-led leader, coach and consultant who is motivated by helping others succeed. She makes secure connections and forms deep relationships enabling her to support leaders in their professional growth and performance. By working with her, people begin to shift their patterns of thinking, lead with greater strategic insight and emotional resilience. This often leads to innovative solutions and increased joy of the job. Katie helps leaders to think purposefully, strategically and with integrity to achieve organisational aims, whilst not losing sight of each individual and their needs and goals.

    Katie has twenty years of senior leadership experience in both the private and state education sector. She has led teams of various sizes, brought about aspirational organisational change, managed periods of significant challenge and supported many others on their leadership journey.

    Katie believes that every person can be an effective leader. She offers leadership coaching for individuals and leadership training for teams. Katie supports organisations in becoming emotionally brave and intuitive by harnessing the power of emotionally and inclusive recruitment and retention practices.

    As a Resilient Leaders Elements (RLE) Consultant Katie also uses the RLE leadership framework to explore leadership practice whilst identifying and supporting areas for growth. The assessment and analysis provides measurable data on progress and performance.
  • Audrey Pantelis
    Audrey Pantelis

    Audrey Pantelis
    Audrey Pantelis

    Audrey is an accomplished trainer, facilitator, speaker, mentor and coach. She provides a holistic, values-led approach to her work and uses her experience and humour to bring out the best in others. She is able to work in a range of sectors that demonstrate her flexibility and adaptability in all situations.

    Audrey is an accredited Resilient Leaders Elements leadership coach and C-Me colour profiling Accreditor. Audrey works with individuals and groups in facilitating transformational change that empowers and inspires.

    She regularly coaches groups of serving and prospective education leaders focusing on standards and ensuring a sense of wellbeing in successfully delivering the role. She works within the maintained and private education sectors and delivers bespoke equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) solutions. Audrey has Pharma and Learning & Development experience, working in teams delivering 1:1 and team coaching.
  • Dee Solley
    Dee Solley

    Dee Solley
    Dee Solley

    Dee’s career spans over 20 years in the third sector, in senior leadership roles with charities including Crisis, Barnardo’s, Parkinson’s UK, The Children’s Society, NCH and The Royal British Legion.

    Passionate about and skilled in supporting people to reach excellence in fundraising performance and in their own personal development, Dee has led large UK-wide staff teams raising income of £50m and working with 1000s of volunteers.

    Dee is now an independent Leadership and Fundraising consultant working with individuals and teams across the UK. An accredited practitioner of Resilient Leaders Elements, Dee is a skilled Director, facilitator and coach who brings examples of the practical application of RLE to life with humour and passion.
  • Alex Webb
    Alex Webb

    Alex Webb
    Alex Webb

    Alex Webb is a business and leadership behaviour coach. Working with individuals and teams to optimise their performance, building organisational health, through self-awareness, leadership and resilience development.

    Starting her career in education and teaching, Alex has had a mixed career within events, sports TV and media, entrepreneurship and technology. With her roles as an Events Director and Programme Director, Alex has created, designed and facilitated workshops, events and programmes for an array of ages including clients such as TfL, Innovate UK, UK Trade and Investment, Prince’s Trust, Nectar, Sky, Vodafone, Coca Cola, Umbro, Lego, AXA and GSK

    Following a change in priorities, after having a family, Alex worked alongside one of the Dragons from Dragons Den, learning entrepreneurship and the basics of building and growing a business. Using these skills and her experience in the events, sport and business worlds, Alex focuses on developing leadership skills and high performance, motivating and inspiring leaders to be confident in both what they do and who they are, wherever they are on their career journey.

    Alex has worked across many industries including pharmaceutical, technology, TV & Media, education, telecommunications , charity and FMCG. Her knowledge of working with B2B and B2C gives Alex great experience to guide clients with their development needs.

    Qualifications: Accredited in: C-Me Colour Profiling, Resilient Leadership Elements and The Six Types of Working Genius. Facilitator in Positive Intelligence and Lego Serious Play. A qualified Teacher, over 20 years-experience in business, events and facilitation. International Sports Coach, Tutor and Assessor.

    Author of the FSXP ‘How To…’ Series for enabling employability for school leavers and graduates and ‘Coaching Made Easy’, a guide for sports coaches.
  • Peter Webb
    Peter Webb

    Peter Webb
    Peter Webb

    Working 25 years within the Health and Fitness industry, Peter’s focus has always been around building physically healthy lifestyles for all. Through personal experience of the ill effects of corporate burnout in 2019, this focus changed due to the need to understand, firstly why it happened to himself, but how to prevent burnout occurring to others and organisations.

    Peter’s previous role as a Vice-President of EMEA gave Senior Leadership experience for a leading global manufacturer which incorporated; running direct sales teams within the UK, Spain, Poland and Germany operations, as well as the responsibility for a network of over 50 distribution companies. This provides the knowledge of strategy, with a focus on results and growth. An area Pete now brings to enable growth for his clients’ businesses.

    Peter’s personal experience and subsequent learning, allows the ability to challenge and support with empathy, to create a positive environment to ensure individuals and teams are able to thrive.

    With effective leadership and resilience being distinguishing factors for success within teams and individuals, this satisfies his purpose and drive to seek opportunities to create positive change.

    Qualifications: Accredited in: C-Me Colour Profiling, Resilient Leadership Elements and The Six Types of Working Genius. Facilitator in Positive Intelligence and Lego Serious Play.

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