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5 ways to improve collective understanding of best practice Consultation across an organisation

By Quintin Oliver

No matter how brilliant your Consultation Plan is, your updated stakeholder map and your choice of creative dialogue channels, your Consultation may run into trouble if the rest of your organisation is not fully on board.

A recent tCI survey of our members came up with a range of comments about the risks being generated by lack of understanding and support. For example, respondents reported: ’need more internal buy-in’, ‘other teams seem to view our Consultations as a hassle or a delay’, ’senior management must gain a better understanding of the legal framework and timescales involved, which are driving our Consultation processes’.

So, how shall we improve our collective understanding of best practice Consultation across an organisation?

Here are five ideas:


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About the Author

Quintin is a successful serial social entrepreneur having helped set up and develop many initiatives over four decades, from the European in the 70s, through the Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action (NICVA) in the 80s, the ‘YES Campaign’ for the N. Ireland referendum on the Good Friday (Belfast) Agreement and his own political consultancy Stratagem International in the 90s, followed by the Consultation Institute and DemocraShe in recent years.

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