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9,000+ take part in Council’s biggest ever response to consultation

There are just two weeks left to take part in a survey about restrictions of dogs on beaches in Cornwall.

More than 9,000 people have taken part in the consultation launched by Cornwall Council in August about the beach dog bans. It’s the biggest response the council has ever had to a public consultation – the previous record was the last consultation on the dog beach bans which brought more than 5,000 responses.

The council currently has 48 Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) which place restrictions at certain times of the year for dogs to be allowed on beaches. With those orders set to expire next year the council is asking for the public’s views before drawing up the new PSPOs.

One of the key questions in the new survey is asking whether the PSPOs should be standardised with set times and dates for all beaches which have restrictions. At present, the 48 orders have some differences in the times they are in force and the dates when they start and finish. Some beaches are also out of bounds for dogs at all times and some at set times.

One of the suggestions for the new orders would be that they would all run, for example, from May 1 to September 30.

This, some suggest, could help visitors to Cornwall so they know when all the restrictions come into force and do not have to find out the bans for individual beaches. The survey allows people to give their views whether they are dog owners or not. Respondents are asked to say which beaches they want to give their views on and then given a series of questions to answer.


Article originally appeared on The Packet

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