Councillors slam fire & rescue consultation for lack of detail

Dundee councillors from all parties have called for an assurance all four of the city’s fire stations will remain open during a proposed shake-up of the service.

Members of the council’s community safety and public protection committee heard the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) is currently consulting on its future.

The consultation contains references to changing the fire station footprint.

Councillors across the board said they would be seeking an assurance all of the city’s stations would remain open.

Labour councillor Richard McCready said: “I was worried this would be interpreted as support for changes to fire stations in Dundee.

“I believe that Dundee City Council must make clear its opposition to any changes to fire stations in the city.

“The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service consultation is incredibly short on detail and full of leading phrases.

“Who could be opposed to fire- fighters being given modern equipment to do their jobs, for example?

“Worryingly, though, much of the consultation appears to be a cover for cuts.

“The headline issue is an apparent 20% pay rise for firefighters but there would be fewer of them and they would be doing an awful lot more than they do today.”

Liberal Democrat councillor Craig Duncan said: “There is cross-party agreement on this issue.

“We will oppose any reduction in the number of fire stations in Dundee.

“We have four and that’s what we want to continue.

“We will be making a case for all four stations in Dundee to remain open.

“Our firefighters do a very valuable job and we should be looking for improvements as a result of this consultation.

“Any changes to our fire stations and to our firefighters’ terms and conditions should only be improvements and have to be undertaken after full consultation with the workers.”

Conservative councillor Derek Scott said he wanted to ensure there remained a balance between full-time and retained firefighters in Dundee.

Convener of the committee, Alan Ross, said consultations would be held openly with firefighters and members of the general public.

The committee approved a response to the SFRS from the council.


Article originally appeared on Evening Telegraph

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