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Public engagement & consultation platforms support vaccine programme

tCI Comment:

The versatility and functionality of modern engagement and consultation systems is well illustrated by this week’s announcement from Tractivity. It may not be immediately obvious, but immunising millions of people with the new vaccines will amount to a massive exercise in contacting and monitoring the views of those affected. There are large numbers of stakeholder organisations whose feedback will be essential as the NHS and wider society are to learn the lessons of a complex logistical process quickly enough to address problems and seize the opportunities. In the months ahead, the all-important vaccination programme will not necessarily lead to formal public consultations, but without doubt, informal dialogue with Councils, Care homes, Voluntary organisations, Major employers, Schools, Universities and local communities will be essential, and those best equipped to manage this are those with sound training in consultation best practice and with up-to-date stakeholder engagement and digital dialogue tools, and the know-how to use them.


We support a wide variety of NHS organisations. As we move into the rollout of the COVID 19 vaccine, Tractivity is working with several Trusts to support this and the wider test and trace programme.

Managing the vaccine rollout

As we are supporting others, we would like to think we can support you also, by:

  • Providing a suite of communications and stakeholder engagement tools, all in one system
  • Co-ordinating communications across multiple stakeholders
  • Capturing critical issues
  • Collating sentiments from impacted stakeholders
  • Providing a suite of reporting tools to ensure accurate reporting and KPI monitoring
  • Providing optimal data security and GDPR compliance

All communications, queries and feedback are handled using Tractivity’s communication and engagement tools, as well as being used to inform all stakeholders as soon as new information is available.

Our software, and the wrap-around service we offer, can support your communications and stakeholder engagement programmes, no matter how advanced they are, we can add value and help you deliver better outcomes.

We can offer you rapid contracting and deployment as we understand that time is of the essence in this critical national initiative.

We are also on the latest G-Cloud framework if this helps.


Article originally appeared on Tractivity.

The Institute cannot confirm the accuracy of this story or confirm that it presents a balanced view. If you feel this is inaccurate we would welcome your perspective and evidence that this is the case

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