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A special welcome to COP26 followers

COP26 | 1-12 November 2021

Why better public engagement & consultation is critical for COP26?
  • Transparency legitimizes difficult decisions
  • Creates dialogue & listens to stakeholders
  • The key to mobilizing communities
  • The only way to secure public support for behaviour change
COP26 focus

Learn more about Consultation and engagement best practice

  • Over 18 years, the Institute has gathered and disseminated best practice
  • Look at our extensive portfolio of e-learning courses
  • A climate-change management game – coming shortly
  • Our consultation Quality Assurance can ensure that your consultations meet best practice standards
  • Check out our GREEN MIDAS collection of 100+ consultations on ‘Green issues’


If you'd like to find out more, please contact Sheena Ahmed or Elena Vincent at tCI HQ.

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