An Introduction to Co-Production

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This e-learning course is an introduction to the background of co-production and explores the concepts and definitions around this particular engagement methodology.  This foundation course will give you a grounding of co-production and an understanding of where it fits in to the wider engagement process.

You will learn the principles of co-production and how to build a co-production environment with the relationships and social capital to allow for co-production to be effective.

This introductory course is a compulsory, pre-requisite to the instructor-led course,  Co-Production for Public Engagement and Consultation.

Duration: 40 mins approx. | Bulk unit value: 2
*Subtitles Available*

What topics will you cover?
• The principles of Co-Production
• Where the principles can be applied within consultation and engagement
• The benefits of an asset-based approach
• The ways in which social capital underpins this

What will you achieve?
An understanding of…
✓ The principles of co-production
✓ Where these principles can be applied
✓ How to build an asset-based environment for Co-Production
✓ The difference between Co-Production and Co-Design

Who is this course for?
This course is suitable for anybody working within consultation and engagement who is considering applying co-production principles to their work in the public, private or voluntary sectors.

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