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Welcome to the Institute's dedicated Covid-19 page, where we will bring you our latest advice, guidance and information.

Our team and wider associate base are meeting (virtually, of course) every day to answer members' questions and bring you the latest information and key issues to consider.

So how do you change your engagement and consultation programmes for social isolation and distancing?

In response to questions from our members and clients, our associates have been thinking about alternative dialogue and engagement methods and what professionals should consider when assessing risks to programme.

We’ve put some content together, and we are pleased to launch a new online wiki.

We would like to invite people to join in the conversation on how we can all navigate the challenges we face with the impact social isolation policy has on programmes of engagement and consultation.

Our wiki is an easy to use website where anyone can add or edit content so take a look, ask a question or post a solution if you have one.

We're here to help you in any way we can. If you have any specific questions, then call or email the Institute. Alternatively, you can submit your query using the contact form on this page. For members of the organisation, your membership entitles you to 20 minutes advice and guidance.* Get in touch if you wish to book a call with one of our team.

The Consultation Institute wish you well and to keep safe during this difficult time.

*Restrictions apply depending on membership level

As always Government advice should be your first point of reference.

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tCI's Wiki - Covid-19 collaboration space is a place for anyone working within public engagement and consultation in the UK to contribute issues, problems, ideas and solutions around involvement during the current Covid-19 situation. It's a space to help each other by sharing our knowledge and collective wisdom.

In accordance with this developing situation, the Institute is on hand to provide the latest information and guidance to you. This document will updated regularly.

Last updated 8th June 2020

Associate and digital engagement expert, Fraser Henderson recently produced the guide, Technology for participation. It aims to assist your navigation of the solution market by exploring the leading technology solutions.

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