Meet the Associates

The Consultation Institute has a network of carefully selected Associates – consultants or trainers with expertise and skills in a wide range of consultation and public engagement activities. They have experience in many business sectors including:

Central and Local Government, Health, Police, Fire and Rescue, Planning, Housing Infrastructure, Transport and many others.  Via these Associates, the Consultation Institute can offer consultancy and training to the private and public sectors. For more information on individual associates, click on their photograph.

To become an Associate, experienced Practitioners should contact with a comprehensive CV which we will consider.

Adam Harper

Expertise: Engagement with people of ethnicity and faith

Amanda Murrell

Expertise: Trainer, facilitator and coach with specialist expertise of involving individuals, community groups and stakeholders 

Andy Mills

Expertise: Consultation, communications, engagement, public health, commissioning, qualitative methodologies, extensive experience in the NHS.

Barry Creasy

Expertise: Methodology, Focus groups, Facilitation, Questionnaires, Evaluation, Research, Compliance

Brian Parry

Expertise: Consultation and public engagement design and implementation, strategic advice and guidance, facilitation, stakeholder management, and quality assurance

Ciaran Boylan


Dave Chetwyn

Expertise: Town planning, urban regeneration, neighbourhood planning, policy, urban design and conservation, community planning

David Jones

Expertise: Trainer, facilitator supporting organisations to develop their capacity to engage with communities

Davy Jones

Expertise: Participatory budgeting, Engagement audits, Current engagement policy, Best practice and Training

Donal McDade

Expertise: Deliberative events, citizens panels, participatory budgeting, qualitative /quantitative research, peer research, online research methods

Elizabeth Gammell

Expertise: Best Practice Standards, Quality Assurance, Course Development

Fraser Henderson

Expertise: eParticipation and the evaluation and use of participatory technologies

Graeme Wilson

Expertise: Consultation and public engagement, assisting central government, trainer, facilitator and research

Helen Webb

Expertise: Equality, diversity, analysis, human resources and facilitation

Jacqueline Robinson

Expertise: Health and social care, NHS, local government, regeneration, consultation, engagement, facilitation and stakeholder management

John Twitchen

Expertise: Consultation, facilitation, community engagement, public & media relations. planning  waste, recycling and renewable energy behaviour change

Jonathan Bradley

Expertise: Advising on best practice consultation and tCI Quality Assurance, Practical implication of the Law of Consultation, Social media and online community engagement, Consultation and stakeholder engagement training, Senior Facilitator

Kate Waller

Expertise: She is well versed in qualitative and quantitative methodologies and has run projects for private, public and third sector clients

Louise Bradley

Expertise: Marketing, engagement and communications and leading large scale projects both for public and private sector clients

Maria Curran

Expertise: Consultation and public engagement, strategic development, evaluation, facilitation and stakeholder management

Martin Dewar

Expertise: Digital engagement, content specialist and engagement

Michael Moore

Expertise: Patient & Public Engagement, specialsing in policy activity.  Works as an advisor to public health departments and service providers

Mike Bartram

Expertise: Assisting central government, public services, public agencies, transport & planning sectors and the consumer sector

Nicholas Duffin

Expertise: Training, support and consultancy needed to tackle migratory and severe social problems in minorities, including violent extremism

Oliver Pendered

Expertise: Consultation, engagement, major infrastructure, renewable energy, community engagement and communications

Paul Parsons

Expertise: Paul specialises in widening participation using accessible communication techniques to engage people and communities who some services described as ‘hard to reach’.

Peter Headland

Expertise: Budget consultations and service redesign. Developing engagement strategies. Resident involvement in Housing organisations

Phil Downing

Expertise: Consultation, engagement, discussion moderator, facilitator, research, analysis and public meetings

Quintin Oliver

Expertise: Facilitator, Trainer, Social entrepreneur.

Rachel Green

Expertise: Community engagement and communications, facilitator

Rachel Lopata

Expertise: Deliberative events, citizens panels, participatory budgeting, qualitative /quantitative research, peer research, online research methods

Rebecca Addis

Expertise: Public engagement, online panels, focus groups, surveys, deliberative research and health & social care

Rhion Jones

Expertise: Training, best practice, executive briefings, masterclasses

Sherry Fuller

Expertise: Strength-based working, Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space, World Cafe, facilitation, training, organisational development

Sue Cantwell

Expertise: Utilities including water and energy. Focus groups, deliberative events, workshops and interviews. Working in client teams.

Susan Ritchie

Expertise: A social entrepreneur providing engagement services to the public and private sector,  and reinvesting 50% of the profit into communities. 

Tony Stead

Expertise: Business development, strategies, compliance, risk management, facilitation, chair and public meetings

Victoria Oliveira

Expertise: Stakeholder engagement, consultation, project management with experience within infrastructure, planning, environmental and education sectors