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National Poetry Day: An Ode to Consultation

Thursday 7th October is National Poetry Day, and this year, the theme is Choice. As a nod to our team’s creative side, here’s a poem from our very own Founder Director, Rhion Jones.


An Ode to Consultation

We all want to be consulted,

On issues that stoke up our fears.

Proposals that threaten our homesteads

That frequently end up in tears


We want to be asked when it matters;

Before they have made up their minds.

Not just going through the motions;

Bureaucrats covering their behinds!


We want all our views heard with patience,

And strictly in line with the law.

Observing all Guidance and judgments

Laid down in the cases before.


We trust that those whose decisions,

All stakeholders hope will be sound.

Respect all legitimate interests …

Address all objections around


We’d like enough time to consider

All aspects of what is proposed

With impact assessments aplenty

Much better than changes imposed


It needs to be fully inclusive

With no group or persons deterred …

From voicing their views or opinions

No matter how seldom they’re heard


For what we most want is the knowledge

That someone will look at what’s said

Consider it all without bias

With no single response un-read


One day when we all go to heaven

And stand and that fine pearly gate

No doubt there will be consultation

On aspects affecting our fate


So, while you’re a mortal and active,

Please focus on skills you may need.

The Institute’s insights and training

Are brilliant and well-guaranteed.


This poem, as you might imagine

Was subject to no such pro – cess

Which is why it remains unconvincing

The muse, in a word, is a mess.


But fear not.  – not all consultations

Will suffer this mis’rable fate

Remember the purpose as always

Is to stimulate thought and debate.

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