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…the sum of all the parts – Is the whole Empowerment White Paper greater than the sum of its many parts?

February 8, 2008 By

Stockbrokers used to say Sell in May and go away. Ministers just publish White Papers, Consultations or Guidelines, leaving those who need to understand and implement them with some weighty…

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When consultees link together – We’re about to see a fascinating experiment in public participation

January 23, 2008 By

Sometimes public policy seems to catch the mood of the moment; often it misses by a mile! What’s about to happen in health and social care in England could emerge…

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Joined-up in 2008 – A New Year resolution to a growing problem

January 8, 2008 By

2008 is the year when joined-up consultations will finally take off. It would be great if this extended to the whole public sector, but for the moment let’s accept that…

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Wanted: Centres of excellence – Inconsistency is one of the worst aspects of consultation in the UK; yet the best are truly excellent

December 11, 2007 By

Any analysis of the 99 Topics published by the Institute over the last four years would reveal problems and opportunities in roughly equal measure. The problems are well known, though…

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A duty to inform – One of the most vulnerable areas for those who consult is the need to ensure that information provided is fair and comprehensive

November 27, 2007 By

A public dialogue is as good as the information upon which it is conducted. So much is self-evident, but observing this mantra is a bit more difficult in the context…

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Participatory Budgeting – The Consultation Institute’s Briefing on the concept behind Community Kitties & other initiatives

November 22, 2007

Contents Introduction – 3 Definitions of Participatory Budgeting – 3 Background – 4 Characteristics – 5 The UK experience – 7 Opportunities & Challenges – 9 Is it right for…

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Focus on Empowerment – If the Government is really serious about its new Empowerment agenda, it needs better focus and a willingness to stick with it for a while

November 20, 2007 By

It might be easy to dismiss much of the Government’s flashy new “empowerment” agenda1 as yet more spin. But, despite being open to criticism, there are some really significant positives…

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The ultimate consultation – How strong is the case for a referendum?

November 11, 2007 By

Direct democracy has many enthusiastic fans. They point out that some questions are just too important for elected representatives to decide; constitutional changes are often cited as classic issues of…

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Legal Challenges – What are the implications of the Greenpeace case? …… and will it affect less high-profile consultations?

November 6, 2007 By

Make no mistake; this High Court judgment will have a major impact upon the conduct of public debate in the United Kingdom. It’s not that this is the first time…

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