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Aspirational consultation – Asking people what they want is clearly a legitimate form of consultation; but is this overdone at the expense of more practical choices?

December 20, 2006 By Tuesday Topic

Consultation comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are tightly targeted; often highly technical, using a specialist vocabulary and part of a continuing dialogue with known stakeholders. Others…

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Seasonal complaint – Correspondence from The Three Kings to a Council near you and recently released under the Freedom of Information Act

December 12, 2006 By Tuesday Topic

Dear Sirs, We write in greatest indignation upon hearing that your Authority has decided this year, to cease the practice of referring to us as The Wise Men. For generations,…

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From Discretion to Duty – Implementing the Disability Equality Duty raises even wider questions ……

December 6, 2006 By Tuesday Topic

On Monday 4th December, the Disability Equality Duty came into force. It means that public bodies have to ensure the involvement of disabled people in many aspects of their work,…

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The Waiting Game – There’s no need to wait until some good ideas become law!

November 28, 2006 By Tuesday Topic

One of the abiding characteristics of our public service is obedience to the law – and a reluctance to take risks by over-reaching ourselves. There’s an old rule of thumb…

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The One-Year-After Test – Is this the ultimate method of evaluation?

November 1, 2006 By Tuesday Topic

Those with long memories may remember something called The Pepsi Challenge. Effectively this was a blind test to see whether consumers preferred the taste of traditional Coca-Cola or the fiercely…

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The Monkey and the Organ-Grinder – How important is it for consultees to have direct contact with decision-makers?

October 18, 2006 By Tuesday Topic

In the perfect world, a consultation is organised by people who genuinely want to hear your views so that they can take decisions or review their policies. They will be…

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The Commitments Register – An indispensable tool for building trust with stakeholders and consultees

September 27, 2006 By Tuesday Topic

Organising an effective consultation exercise can be a complex project management task. Pulling together the different work packages and ensuring that different disciplines work together to a common timetable or…

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Embedded consultations – Where consultation is built into standard routine processes

September 13, 2006 By Tuesday Topic

Not all public participation or consultation is a one-off exercise. It is true that much that is most visible reflects the most extensive, wide-ranging dialogues, accompanied by appropriately high wide…

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Substance and Spin – Recent events hold lessons for soccer fans – and others!

September 4, 2006 By Tuesday Topic

Okay, if the fate of the World Cup had reflected the quality of the merchandising rather than the quality of the football, we might have won……! Yet again, there is…

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