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Our online reflection of 2019

2019 has been a year of growth for our e-Learning programme. Now in its second year of development, we have been delighted to see the awareness of our online training grow, as we attempt to build a reputable product like we’ve done so successfully with our public courses.

Our online offering has proved to be a valuable learning resource for people in both the public and private sector. Our total number of students grew by over 250 during the calendar year, attracting both existing and new clients.

New developments

In May, we released the ‘Consultation and Public Events’ course and for the first time, carried out a thorough beta-testing exercise before the launch; which featured staff, associates and clients alike. It proved to be a worthwhile exercise and resulted in several changes to the course before the public launch. The beta-testing process will now form part of the development of all future courses so we may be in touch with some of you next year!

In a revamp to our Advanced Practitioner scheme, we introduced an online assessment to the e-Learning area and made the completion of online training a requirement of the APC programme; with the ‘Consultation Charter’ course considered pivotal. This move online encouraged participants to explore our e-Learning offering and helped to raise awareness of the online brand.

We built a pricing structure for bulk-buy purchasing, which gave clients the opportunity to save money on courses and provides an excellent reduction for those wishing to put part of, or their entire team through Institute courses.

In June, we released a survey to all members of the Institute to find out what e-Learning courses they would like to see developed. We offered a list of 16 courses and an option to suggest their own. It helped us to understand demand and allowed us to put together a development strategy for 2020 — more on this below.


After course completion, all users have an opportunity to supply us with all-important feedback. Of those who provided their opinion, here is what we learned this year:

  • 100% considered their course to be good value for money
  • 98% rated the knowledge on offer either excellent or very good.
  • 96% rated their course 8/10 or higher.
  • 89% thought the visual presentation was either extremely or very clear.
  • 88% found their respective course to be either extremely or very relevant to their role.

While the feedback suggests we are doing a lot of things right, there was one common theme amongst the more constructively critical comments.

Users were quick to point out the absence of a video play-bar, which meant they were unable to pause the presentation or watch in full-screen mode, proving to be a big drawback. It mostly affected those working in open office environments, who may have missed something but were unable to rewind a few seconds or pause the presentation if their phone rang.

In response to this, we changed our course development software and in October, replaced all existing courses with a new and fresh look, including a video play-bar.

Feedback is crucial to the Institute, and it helps to shape the future of the online programme, so keep it coming!

Moving forward

It’s been fascinating to see how our venture into the online world is evolving and how clients are not only interested in the e-Learning courses that we produce but are also enquiring about the development of bespoke online courses tailored to their needs. London Borough of Tower Hamlets recently commissioned tCI to create a series of ten learning modules to support their internal training programme.

As we move into a new year, we have several Institute associates developing e-Learning courses to expand our offering, fill gaps in our existing training portfolio and complement existing courses. The survey we conducted resulted in courses being planned for ‘Community Engagement’, ‘Co-Production’, ‘Continuous Engagement’ and others. Keep an eye out for these in 2020.

Get in touch

 If you wish to discuss e-Learning courses, bulk-buy discounts, bespoke training or video production; please get in touch.

About the Author

Martyn is the Institute’s Media Production Manager. He joined the Institute in 2017 to develop our e-Learning programme and increase our online digital profile through video content and webinars.

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