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Certificate of Consultation Readiness

When you need something more comprehensive than Advice and Guidance but do not want to go to the extent of full Quality Assurance, consider having an Institute expert review what you are doing and confirm that your preparations for consultation are in line with tCI’s expectations.

The scope of a consultation readiness review covers all pre-consultative activities, preparation, planning, and materials development.

Typically, Institute clients use our review services in the following ways:

  • Examine a proposal or plan for flaws that could lead to complications or challenges.
  • To provide feedback on the quality of a consultation document or impact assessment.
  • To add value to an engagement or consultation plan

The requirements are structured into four key phases of activity: (i) pre-consultation, (ii) consultation scoping and governance, (iii) project planning, and (iv) documentation.

Unlike an Advice and Guidance contract, where the work undertaken can be selective as directed by the client, a Certificate of Consultation Readiness requires the Institute to review all pre-consultation documents and processes to form an overall assessment of the work undertaken and prepared.

In awarding a Certificate of Consultation Readiness, the Institute will need to be assured that the consultor has met the required standards at each stage as outlined in the Consultation Institute’s Charter. Where an additional activity is recommended, which can be delivered as part of the main consultation, to meet the required standards, this will also be outlined as part of the feedback provided.

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