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Executive Briefings

CPD/APC Credits: 10

Executive Briefings can run up to anywhere between 1-2 hours. They are delivered by a tCI Director or senior Associate who will discuss key topics through visual slides, giving participants the opportunity to ask questions and seek further clarification.

How does it work?

Sessions are designed to update the participant’s understanding of law, best practice and the risks associated with programmes of change where public and stakeholder involvement is needed.

They can be conducted with an emphasis on a theme, for example: STPs, law,equalities requirements, budget consultation, or can cover consultation in a sector more generally.

Highly valued by decision makers, these sessions are an essential starter in mapping out a safer and smarter process to making informed and good quality decisions.

In addition, you will be awarded with 10 credits towards your Certificate of Professional Development.

Key Learning Points

• When, why and how you should consult
• Whether and how you can ‘involve’ without consultation
• Processes you should follow
• What is needed prior to consultation
• Who to involve
• The law regarding consultation; case law
• The Court’s view of equality analysis
• Risks of legal challenge
• How to minimise risk of challenge

"This session on public consultation, delivered by The Consultation Institute is a dream session for a qualitative researcher like myself."
Karl Witty, Voluntary Action Leeds

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