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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) is a structured assurance programme from the Consultation Institute (tCI).

Working alongside your consultation team, it is designed to provide
organisations undertaking public consultation with a high level of assurance that their activities are in line with best-practice expectations.
These are outlined in the Consultation Institute’s Consultation Charter,
the UK government’s Consultation Principles and UK case law. Through a series of seven interventions , the QA process has been designed to ensure that your consultation activities meet the required standard, reducing the risk of costly errors, reputational damage and possible legal challenge.

How does it work?
Quality Assurance is delivered using a team of two experienced tCI
Associates, an Assessor and a Verifier. They work closely with your team
to provide support in preparing for each intervention, ensuring that
standards are understood and, where required, providing practical advice
on how to prepare.

The Five Key Benefits of Quality Assurance


Improves your public engagement practice


Provides reassurance for consultees


Reduces the risk of legal challenge … and delays


Enhances stakeholders’ confidence


Ensures real-time support for operational staff

tCI’s assistance, led by Davy Jones, has been invaluable. It has complemented our in-house expertise and means that we can address any future high-profile, potentially controversial, consultations with confidence. If we have any doubts we know who to call.

Bruce Hill, Improvement and Development Manager, Tonbridge and Malling BC

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