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Risk Assessment

The Institute offers a risk assessment methodology for service change scenarios and consultative processes where public and stakeholder involvement, whether through consultation or other methodologies, is necessary. An examining approach ensures clients explore plans and proposals in relation to consultation or stakeholder engagement in a manner designed to help them become aware of where risks lie, build a risk profile, negate or minimise risk of challenge and design a robust and safer process.

How does it work?
Facilitated by an Institute Director or senior Associate, we invite you to set the scene before we take you through an exploration of risk ‘profiles’, asking ‘smart’ questions designed to draw out the information that will enable a safer, smoother process.

Prior to a workshop, we brief you on what will be required, who you should involve and information you need to share. The outputs of the workshop are summarised in a report that details the challenges faced and recommendations
for reducing and mitigating risk.

To our knowledge, no project that has started with an Institute risk workshop has faced a legal challenge. We use our best endeavours to reduce such risks. These sessions are best undertaken at the outset of a project but can be introduced any stage prior to a consultation starting.

Key Learning Points

• Consider the scenario using tCI’s Risk Indicator Questions
• Formulate thinking on the Project Risk Profile
• Assess the circumstances as High, Medium or Low risk – against specific criteria

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