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Risk Assessment (now available as a virtual workshop)

The Institute offers a risk assessment methodology for service change scenarios and consultative processes where public and stakeholder involvement, whether through consultation or other methodologies, is necessary.

An examining approach ensures clients explore plans and proposals in relation to consultation or stakeholder engagement in a manner designed to help them become aware of where risks lie, build a risk profile, negate or minimise risk of challenge and design a robust and safer process.

How does it work?

The risk assessment workshop helps clients to risk evaluate approaches and specific cases (or scenarios) so that risks to a smooth and successful programme can be managed or eliminated before they can occur. A skilled Institute associate invites participants to discuss background history, the nature of proposals, political landscape and the current scenario. They will then use five risks ‘indicators’, a series of ‘smart’ questions and further probing to spark discussion and debate to explore views, concerns and knowledge amongst participants.  The workshop will include COVID and BLM related risks.

To our knowledge, no project that has started with an Institute risk workshop has faced a legal challenge. We use our best endeavours to reduce such risks. These sessions are best undertaken at the outset of a project but can be introduced any stage prior to a consultation starting.


  • Introductions
  • Purpose of the risk workshop
  • How we evaluate risk in consultation
  • Methodology for the day
  • The current scenario
  • Explore and assess risk topic 1
  • Explore and assess risk topic 2
  • Explore and assess risk topic 3
  • Explore and assess risk topic 4
  • Explore and assess risk topic 5
  • Conclusions
  • Next steps

The workshop is delivered in two x 2-hour sessions.  The sessions can be delivered on the same day with a 15-minute break between or on consecutive days.

Following the session; the Institute associate will produce a report, based on what has been learned in the workshop and provide recommendations for avoiding or reducing risks to your programme.  The report will have appendices with the questions and topics.

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